Meet Ford

Ford_Fox_CFP.pngFord O’Connell is a businessman, lawyer, and Republican strategist from Naples, Florida.

He is a respected media analyst and frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business and other broadcast media. Ford’s political analysis and commentary have appeared in a variety of publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the New York Post, The Hill, POLITICO, The Washington Times and He also teaches at The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. Every Thursday night at 6:30 PM ET, Mr. O'Connell can be heard on Southwest Florida's 92.5 FM Fox News' "The Drive with Trey Radel" discussing the latest happenings on Capitol Hill and the 2020 campaign trail.

A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law (Juris Doctor), Mr. O’Connell graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.A. in Political Science and Religion. Ford also obtained a MPP from Duke University, and a M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University. Ford O’Connell, a former Heritage Foundation intern, has been actively supporting conservative candidates and campaigns since 2007, when he first worked with the Haley Barbour 2007 gubernatorial campaign. In 2008, he served as a key Republican strategist for the McCain-Palin ticket. In 2010, he was a recipient of Campaign & Elections magazine’s “Rising Star” award.

Ford O’Connell‘s devotion to the conservative causes of limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility were instilled in him by his grandfather, Henry Salvatori, an advisor to three U.S. Presidents: Nixon, Reagan and Bush 41.

Analysis & Political Strategy