WSJ/NBC Poll: Romney Slightly Ahead Of Cain For GOP Nomination; Romney Trail Obama By Six

The latest WSJ/NBC poll (conducted Nov. 2-5, 2011) indicates a tight race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Jonathan Weisman of The Wall Street Journal has more:

The survey has some good news for both Mr. Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is solidifying his support among Republicans who don’t identify with the tea-party movement. Mr. Romney has risen back into the lead for the GOP nomination with 28% support among likely primary voters, just ahead of former restaurant executive Herman Cain’s 27%.

Mr. Obama widened his lead over Messrs. Cain and Romney in the Journal poll. He tops Mr. Romney by six percentage points, up from two in October.

The survey was taken before a woman went before television cameras Monday and said Mr. Cain had made an unwanted sexual advance when she asked him for help finding a job in 1997. Mr. Cain’s campaign called the accusation false.

A year before Election Day, intensity appears to be on the Republican side. Fifty-seven percent of those who voted for Republican John McCain in 2008 say they are more enthusiastic to vote in the coming election than past elections, compared with 41% of 2008 Obama voters. Forty-five percent of Obama voters say they are less enthusiastic than in past elections.

Mr. Romney hasn’t made the sale. He essentially is tied with Mr. Cain—holding a one-point edge of 28% to 27%—among Republican primary voters.

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