Women And Minorities Are Scared Of The GOP

I do see the merit in what former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) and retiring Rep. Steve LaTourette are advocating. That said, establishment Republicans need to shoulder a significant portion of the blame for the ballot box failures in 2012. From Breanna Edwards at Politico:

“Some of the groups that would have agreed with us on a lot of issues, they don’t even look at us. We scare them,” said former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.).

Davis appeared with retiring Rep. Steve LaTourette at the Capitol Hill Club Friday to discuss poll findings of Main Street Advocacy, a nonprofit managed by Davis. Their main message: partisans on both sides need to stop bickering so much and start compromising on issues like the fiscal cliff.

But both men said the GOP’s problem go beyond partisanship. Republicans, they argued, need to stop looking at voters as members of groups — whether it's women, African-Americans, Latinos or Asian-Americans — and just look at them as Americans.


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