With Fresh Start, Primary Can Be A Distant Memory For Mitt Romney

At long last, it seems Mitt Romney has wrapped up the Republican presidential nomination. He not only defeated Rick Santorum in all three primaries on Tuesday, he matched Santorum —or came close—with evangelicals and those who call themselves "very conservative."

Now, the trick is to keep those groups on board and broaden his appeal in other ways as he pivots to his general election confrontation with President Obama.

It won't be easy. Fortunately for Romney, national polls are not as important as electoral math —and the 2012 election will likely be decided by fewer than 10 states—perhaps as few as four. If Romney can win in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina, he likely will acquire the 270 electoral votes needed to win. If that happens, this seemingly endless primary season will be but a distant memory.

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