With Clinton, Trump Locked In Tight Race, Upcoming Debates Could Determine The Winner

With the race between U.S. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump running neck and neck, the upcoming presidential debates could determine who will clinch the White House.

Clinton is now still the favorite to win the presidential race, but now it could become a very tight race," Republican strategist Ford O' Connell told Xinhua.

"The polls are tightening and the Clinton camp is concerned about turnout," said O' Connell.

The Clinton camp has realized that there's "an enthusiasm gap in favor of Trump," he noted.

Indeed, Trump has galvanized working class whites more than any Republican candidate in decades, whereas Clinton has not garnered anything near that sort of enthusiasm.

Many Clinton supporters don't feel passionate about the candidate, but rather support her simply because they don't like Trump.

Trump was trailing Clinton several points in the polls just a month ago, but behind only 1.5 points in the Real Clear Politics poll average on Saturday.

The past month has looked good for Trump but increasingly bad for Clinton, especially after her collapse last Sunday in New York. That has sparked concerns that the 68-year-old candidate may not be healthy enough to lead the country.

At the same time, Trump has in recent weeks made an effort to appear more presidential, making serious policy speeches with cogent arguments, instead of controversial, offensive and over-the-top statements that get him into trouble with voters.

"Clinton's had a bad month. Trump has had a very, very good September. Obviously we still have half the month to go, but between the health issue and the 'deplorables' comment, things are looking up for Trump," O' Connell said.

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