Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Touts Self As A Leader Who Beat Long Odds

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker officially entered the crowded 2016 presidential race yesterday trying to stop a surging Donald Trump, even as the New York developer was lifted once again by threats allegedly made on Twitter by the son of escaped Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

“This is going to help bolster Trump for the moment, no question about it,” said GOP operative Ford O’Connell of the Chapo effect. “Trump is a fighter. ... This plays into that persona. ... The news is falling in his lap.”

Chapo’s Twitter handle, reportedly managed by his son, posted expletive-laden threats on Sunday against Trump, who has railed against Mexican illegal immigrant criminals, specifically “rapists,” pouring over the border.

Unfazed, Trump used Chapo’s recent escape from prison to make his argument. “When will people, and the media, start to apologize to me for my statement, ‘Mexico is sending....’, which turned out to be true? El Chapo,” Trump tweeted yesterday.

Walker had hoped to stand out from the pack by waiting until nearly all other candidates had entered the GOP race before jumping in. While Trump is still making headlines, Walker at least won’t have to share the spotlight with any other campaign launches this week.

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