Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker set to woo CPAC 2015

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker enters the unofficial start of the GOP presidential primary season at today’s Conservative Political Action Conference kickoff on a wave of momentum, leading polls and building support among the party’s establishment.

“The best way to understand CPAC is to think of it as the Super Bowl of conservative activism,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said. Walker, he said, is “the flavor of the moment.”

The annual meeting of conservative and libertarian activists is seen as the crucial coming-out party for Republican presidential candidates, where they introduce themselves to activists and commentators from the mainstream to the Tea Party wings of the GOP, and it is drawing nearly every potential candidate in the GOP’s still wide-open presidential field.

O’Connell said that while Walker is in a moment of popularity, he still has to show CPAC attendees gathering today and tomorrow just outside the nation’s capital that he can survive the scrutiny that comes with a full-blown presidential campaign. At CPAC, his goal should be to do no harm.

“I expect him to play it safe,” O’Connell said about Walker’s speech. “He’s better off basking in the cheers and not saying too much.”

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