Will Rick Santorum Be A Team Player?

Despite Santorum's recent slew of less-than-disciplined outbursts, Real Clear Politics' Scott Conroy is right that "[a]lmost no one expected Rick Santorum to get this far."

And yet, his day of reckoning could come soon. April's big primaries take place on Romney turf—the politically and socially moderate states of the Northeast, plus Wisconsin. If he can't pull off a breakthrough victory somewhere—and he is in trouble even in his home state of Pennsylvania—his chances of capturing enough delegates to win the nomination in Tampa in August will have disappeared.

Then what? Will he know when to fold 'em—a key question in politics, particularly for those who want a future within their party? He has talked on the campaign trail of being a team playerand even suggested he would entertain discussions of joining Romney's ticket as vice president. But can he do what it would take to make that happen? Can he dial down the nastiness he now directs at Romney? Can he be part of the solution for Republicans? Or will he become the problem?

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