Will Illness, Scandals Together Bring Down Hillary Clinton?

One of Hillary Clinton's favorite riffs is to recount all the investigations she has endured and smile and say "And they haven't got me yet."

That may be about to change. No, the furtive conservative dream to see her in an orange jumpsuit won't come true anytime soon. But her dream is to become president, and the cumulative effect of all these scandals might well now stand in the way.

Last Sunday, Clinton slipped out of a 9-11 event at Ground Zero in New York so abruptly her Secret Service detail could not get her vehicle to the meeting place on time. A jarring video Americans will never forget showed her list to the left, right herself with help from an agent, then collapse before she could get into the van.

Nothing was wrong, her campaign said at first. Then, she was dehydrated. Then, it was allergies. Then, finally, the campaign admitted Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on the previous Friday. That was four stories in one day, then another a day later when Bill Clinton called it the flu.

The campaign has admitted it could've handled this better, which is like Custer admitting he could've handled Little Big Horn better. Meanwhile, Americans wonder if she is much more ill than she has let on and whether they'll ever get a straight story about it.

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