Will Chris Christie’s Endorsement Help Mitt Romney’s Presidential Bid?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Mitt Romney is certainly a plus for Romney’s presidential bid, but I am not sure that its probative value will do anything more than help Romney solidify his postion in the New Hampshire primary and his status as the establishment GOP’s favored candidate. We must remember that Christie is a relative unknown nationally, and that talk of a Christie presidential run just a week ago was essentially an indictment of Romney’s candidacy.

Shira Schoenberg and Alex Katz of The Boston Globe have more:

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey today endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a hastily called press conference, hours before the candidates are set to meet in a debate at Dartmouth College.

The endorsement is a major coup for Romney ahead of tonight’s debate, giving him the support of an emerging GOP icon as he tries to establish his position as his party’s frontrunner for the presidential nomination.

The New Jersey governor last week said “now is not my time” to seek the presidency. Since that announcement, several of his key financial backers have pledged their allegiance to Romney. His endorsement today is expected to accelerate that trend.

The endorsement was kept unusually quiet by the campaign, which announced the 3 p.m. press conference with a “special guest” just two hours in advance. Even campaign volunteers did not know who the guest would be until they arrived. Yet after Fox News broke the story, the room at the Courtyard Marriott hotel was packed with media and supporters, including a number of Dartmouth College students who had volunteered with Romney’s campaign.

– Ford O’Connell

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