Why The Media Missed Donald Trump's 2016 Win

Larry Sabato has beaten the rush and started on his self-recrimination early. All of the polling industry needs to rethink its assumptions and how it does its job, said Sabato, a professor at the University of Virginia whose Crystal Ball is a staple of election forecasting.

But perhaps Sabato should hold off. Pollsters are catching a lot of "blame" for being "wrong" about the results of the presidential election. But were they wrong? Should they be blamed? 

Or does a substantial amount of the blame belong to the media, who wanted a certain result, highlighted polling that confirmed their bias, and ignored signs of trouble for their favored candidate in hopes that ignoring the problems would make them go away?

More importantly, have the media learned anything from the backlash against their slanted, hysterical and, ultimately, inaccurate coverage? 

The clues to Clinton's undoing were hidden in plain sight. The final RealClearPolitics polling average, released on Election Day, predicted Clinton would win the popular vote, which it looks as if she will, and showed Trump could very easily win the Electoral College vote. It also predicted Trump would win Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa, and found Pennsylvania within the margin of error.

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