Why Santorum Needs A Win In Illinois

If Rick Santorum is to have a realistic shot at unseating Mitt Romney as the potential 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Santorum really needs to win on Tueday in Illinois. ABC News' Rick Klein has more:

Yes, a Romney loss in Illinois tomorrow would be an embarrassment of epic proportions. Yes, Romney simply must win the state to keep intact his argument that he’s a shoo-in for the nomination.

But that’s the point. Santorum is down too far in the delegate count to win only the states he’s expected to win.

Santorum needs an upset. He needs it to come in a big state, and fast, for him to change the dynamics of the race sufficiently for him to actually win.

Why Illinois? For starters, it’s next on a calendar that isn’t particularly friendly to Santorum these next few weeks. After Louisiana votes this weekend, Maryland, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia (where Santorum isn’t even on the ballot) are up next, and will be tough for Santorum to break through in.

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