Why Is #TrumpSoPoor? Hollywood GOP Won’t Throw ‘Good Money After Bad’

he news that Donald Trump raised a mere $3.1 million last month — leaving him with about $1.3 million on hand — has left many in the Republican party scratching their heads in disbelif. But it was anything but surprising to conservatives living and working in Hollywood.

Many say they’re holding off on donations for fear of being outed as Trump supporters in public contribution disclosures.

The lack of Hollywood money isn’t the only one of Trump’s fundraising problems — when has Hollywood not leaned left? — but it doesn’t help. And if Republicans in other industries are also afraid of seeing their names next to Trump donations, that’s another disadvantage for the real estate mogul and reality star.

One of the worst months of Trump’s campaign hasnt helped.

“Since Indiana, the campaign has been on vacation,” GOP political strategist Ford O’Connell told TheWrap. “It’s a problem.”

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