Why Democrats And The Liberal Media Want To Destroy Chris Christie

For Republicans, the question of which candidate would give the party its best chance to reclaim the White House in 2016 is still very much open. Scott Walker slayed the public sector unions in Wisconsin. Rick Perry might remember that third department to eliminate. Ted Cruz certainly has made a mark in his short time in the Senate, and Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and others still could shake things up.

But Democrats have made their judgment as to which Republican they fear most – and the answer is Chris Christie.

This explains the strange things that have been happening with your TV. Your cable system likely has several hundred channels, and all of them are reporting on Bridgegate. You keep switching and switching – you need new batteries for the remote – but the story is always the same.

What did the governor know about his staff deliberately causing traffic tie-ups in Fort Lee, N.J., and when did he know it? Who were these staffers? And why didn't he supervise them better? Why did they lie to him? Did they do this to the mayor of Jersey City as well? And what about the Hurricane Sandy money? Is this guy Tony Soprano with a closer-to-legit job?

Not since the inglorious end to the neighborhood watch surveillance career of one George Zimmerman has the nation's media – aka the information arm of the Democratic Party – been so obsessed with a scandal. It seems as if there are more reporters on this story than on Benghazi, the IRS harassment of tea party groups and the failed rollout of Obamacare combined.

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