Who Wins Today In South Carolina And Nevada? Pundits Predict

The Hill asked pundits from both parties to predict the winners in today's South Carolina primary and Nevada caucus. Here's what they had to say.

South Carolina Republican primary:

Ford O'Connell

Winner: Trump

Unless something earth-shattering occurs between now and when the polls close in South Carolina, Trump will be the victor. Trump has led nearly every reliable public poll of Republican primary voters in the Palmetto State for the past 200-plus days and I just don't see that changing. As for who will finish second, the edge goes to Cruz over Rubio, given that South Carolina is 62 percent evangelical Christian on the Republican side and Cruz has invested more than any other candidate in the ground game. But should Rubio eclipse Cruz and capture the silver medal, that would be an ominous sign for the senator from Texas with the "SEC primary" looming on the horizon; also, the calls for Bush to exit the race will be deafening.

O'Connell is the chairman of CivicForumPAC, worked on John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign and is author of the book "Hail Mary: The 10-Step Playbook for Republican Recovery."

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