Who Will Romney Select As VP?

We likely won't know for quite some time - so the ongoing speculation about Romney's future running mate will be just that "uninformed speculation." Albert R. Hunt at Bloomberg has more:

The U.S. news media are rife with speculation about Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Susana Martinez, Bob McDonnell or Rob Portman as possible running mates for Mitt Romney.

It’s the time of the political season when conjecture runs wild, much of it ill-informed. Mr. Romney’s choice of a vice-presidential candidate will evolve, in ways unforeseeable today, over the next four months.

That isn’t to say that Mr. Romney’s selection is unimportant. It will help shape what the campaign hopes is a reset — or a shaking of the Etch A Sketch — of the nominee as he faces a different electorate. It can send a message.

The chief consideration, people who have been through the process agree, is do no harm. Running mates can help marginally; they can hurt substantially. Some previous exposure to the national limelight is helpful; it’s a tough vetting league for rookies. That’s why the Romney team needs to ask hard questions of the more appealing choices.

Most important will be the conditions of the race. This summer, will Mr. Romney be 10 points behind the president or a few points ahead? Will the economic recovery be stalled or taking root? Will the Republican Party conservative base’s hatred of Mr. Obama overcome weak enthusiasm for a Mormon nominee who is suspected of moderate political tendencies?

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