Who Is Donald Trump: 'Con Artist' Or Political Genius?

Sen. Marco Rubio unleashed a barrage of attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump at a rally Friday, renewing claims he made during Thursday's debate and offering some new ones.

"It's time to pull his mask off so that people can see what we're dealing with here," Rubio said, calling Trump's campaign "a con job."

"What we are dealing with is a con artist...He has spent his entire career sticking it to little guy." 

The negative and contradictory aspects of Trump's background have been reported on before, but his opponents in the 2016 race have rarely challenged him so directly on them.

There is some truth and some exaggeration behind many of the labels pundits, politicians, and Trump himself have tried to apply to him, but voters ultimately see Trump as they want to see him.

Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said Rubio's line of attack is good start, but "it's not going to dislodge Trump supporters." To win, Trump's opponents need to undermine his vision and the whole idea that he is a successful businessman who will stand up for the average American.

Pointing to spikes in Google searches on topics like Trump University and Polish workers after the debate, he said this probably was new information for many voters. Rubio will now need more examples and riffs on the theme to make it stick, though.

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