What's The Timeline For Joe Biden's 2016 plans?

Democrats want the answer to two questions: Will Joe Biden run for president in 2016? And when will he make a decision?

It's now evident that Biden is actively looking at a presidential run, though he's made no final decision. But his timeline remains unclear.

Early on, Biden's team set an end of summer deadline for a presidential announcement. Now as August comes to a close, the vice president could go public with his intentions as late as October 1, possibly doing a "soft opening" before the campaign's formal launch.

"It will be at least until the end of September before they can find out if they can take on the Clinton machine," political strategist Ford O'Connell told the Washington Examiner. The dream scenario is that current front-runner Hillary Clinton fades due to concerns over her handling of classified information over email while secretary of state. Biden could then ride to Democrats' rescue.

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