What Clinton Learned From Trump's GOP Rivals

Donald Trump's Republican primary challengers first ignored him, then taunted him.

Hillary Clinton and her allies aren't making those mistakes.

The presumptive Democratic nominee and her formidable cavalry — including President Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden — are hitting Trump fast, hard and often. 

And they aren't making jokes about his hands. Instead, they are questioning his temperament, his business acumen and his fundamental values as an American in a nonstop bid to make him unpalatable to voters.

The effort was on full display Tuesday when Clinton delivered stinging rebukes of Trump's business competence, which is at the heart of his public persona.

Trump has often exacerbated the challenge as he's stumbled from crisis to crisis in recent weeks, ensuring much of the media coverage has focused on self-inflicted drama rather than his campaign or Clinton's weaknesses.

"It is like the Trump campaign went on vacation for the past 48 days," said Ford O'Connell, a Republican political strategist who is not affiliated with Trump's campaign.

O'Connell, the Republican consultant, said Trump could still revive his campaign and cause serious problems for Clinton, provided he focused on just two goals: showing how "he is going to make the lives of average Americans better and why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President."

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