Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell To Chair RGA

We have the utmost confidence that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will build on the success of the past two RGA chairs (Haley Barbour and Rick Perry), and maybe even parley his new role into a possible 2012 vice presidential bid. CNN’s Paul Steinhauser and Mark Preston have more:

The Republican Governors Association Monday named Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell as the group’s new chairman, succeeding Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who announced Saturday that he was running for president.

McDonnell had been serving as vice chairman of the organization.

Fourteen governorships are up for grabs in elections this and next year.

The new position will put McDonnell, who is already grabbing attention as a possible 2012 GOP running mate, further in the political spotlight. McDonnell was a hero for the party in 2009, when the then-Virginia attorney general trounced his Democratic opponent to win the state’s governor’s office away from the Democrats. McDonnell’s poll numbers continue to stay in positive territory, and of course Virginia is a crucial battleground state in 2012.

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