Vice Presidential Debate: Who Won?

Mitt Romney won in Danville, KY, because Paul Ryan held serve.  

Ryan accomplished his goal of doing no harm, getting in a few zingers and buttressing the Republican arguments for limited government, reduced spending and entitlement reform. But Biden accomplished his as well. He argued forcefully for the Democratic way. He fired up the base. He made the case for President Obama’s policies far better than the president himself.

And what happened in Danville will largely stay in Danville. It’s lasting effects will be to erase Al Gore from the record book as “most exasperated debater ever” and to set up what should be two enormous clashes between the presidential candidates next week and the week after.

There are, however, still voters to be convinced … particularly in battleground states. The presidential candidate who best connects with them from this point on is the one who will be celebrating after Nov. 6.

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