USA Today/Gallup: Obama Faces Extremely Tough Reelection Challenge In 2012

There’s plenty of bad news to go around in a new survey out Tuesday that suggests both President Obama and his eventual Republican challenger will face a substantial portion of the electorate who refuse to vote for them.

According to the new survey from USA Today/Gallup, 46 percent of Americans say Obama will definitely not get their vote – a number that suggests the president has little room for error in his effort to win reelection.

But the GOP can’t quite pop the champagne either – about an equal percentage of Americans say they definitely won’t vote for Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee – the two Republicans and former presidential candidates that are leading in most primary polls.

Not surprisingly, given Obama does not face a fractured field to win the nomination of his party like the GOP contenders do, 31 percent say they will definitely vote for him while less than 10 percent say the same about Romney and Huckabee.

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