US Congress Could Push For Additional Sanctions After Iran Deal

Many US Republicans are unhappy with the weekend's deal with Iran to curb the country's controversial nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, and some experts said the Republican Party (GOP) may push for tougher measures.

"Congress is probably going to send up to (President Barack) Obama additional sanctions on Iran," Republican Strategist Ford O' Connell told Xinhua. "And the only question is whether the ( additional possible) sanctions occur before or after this interim deal."

"If you are President Obama, the next six months with this deal is going to be tough, because you know it's not just Republicans griping. There's a lot of Democrats griping too," he said, adding that some Democrats will likely join GOP calls for stiffer sanctions.

Indeed, Democrat Senator Charles Schumer said Sunday he was " disappointed" with the deal, saying the terms did not seem " proportional".

O'Connell added that Obama is likely to keep the sanctions as limited as possible before the 2014 midterm Congressional elections in an effort not to arouse more attacks from Republicans.

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