United States To Try To Keep Small Force In Afghanistan

The US president Barack Obama has made only the fourth visit of his presidency to Afghanistan as the White House mulls a decision on how many troops to keep in the country beyond the end of the year. America wants to leave a small residual force, but that depends on Afghan president Hamid Karzai's successor agreeing to a security pact that he's refused to sign.

Republican political commentator Ford O'Connell.

FORD O'CONNELL: I tip my hat to the president; this is what you've got to on Memorial Day. But let's be honest, there is a little cynical politics at play here and this is about optics.

You know, his approval rating on foreign policy is 39 per cent; he's getting pounded in the media right now about the VA (Veteran's Affairs) scandal.

He is looking for anything to really change the narrative right now and I think that he's going to try and piggy back this trip into the West Point speech and try to really change basically the subject.

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