Unemployment Report Could Help Turn Tide For Obama Campaign

The new job numbers released on Friday morning provided balm for the frazzled nerves of President Obama’s supporters at the end of his worst week of the 2012 campaign.

The national unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent, the lowest rate of Obama’s presidency.

The headline figure buttressed Obama’s argument that his economic policies were working, albeit more slowly than he would like.

It could also help the president and his aides turn the page after his soporific and meandering performance at the first televised debate on Wednesday.

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said that the new jobs numbers were “a kick in the pants” for the Romney campaign, even though he stressed that conservatives were not in the business of welcoming bad news.

He argued that the employment report had served to provide Obama respite, and came less than 36 hours after Romney had landed his most effective punches of the general election contest.

“Everyone wants America to recover faster but, at the same time, it’s like Romney just can’t catch a break,” he said. “He was on a roll here and this is a talking point that [the Obama team] is going to use.”

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