U.S. Democrats Must Tread Lightly In Coming Push For More Gun Control: Experts

U.S. Democrats must avoid appearing too heavy-handed in what will likely be a push for more gun control when Congress reconvenes in January after Friday' s grizzly school shooting spree, experts said.

On Monday, White House Spokesman Jay Carney reiterated President Barack Obama' s statements that in the coming weeks he would engage "lawmakers, law enforcement, mental health experts, educators and others in an effort to try to prevent these kinds of terrible tragedies from happening in the future," but added that Obama has not yet espoused an official agenda.

But for any serious discussion on gun control to be successful, anything seen as a naked power grab on guns is likely to fail, said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell.

Moreover, those advocating greater gun control will have to tackle every issue associated with what happened on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut, from mental health issues to questions on what some see as a U.S. culture of violence, O'Connell said.

But the two lawmakers rank high on a recent National Journal list of the most liberal senators, based on last year' s voting records. O'Connell said for any gun legislation to pass it would have to involve more moderate voices, such as West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. 

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