Trump Targets Fellow Republicans

President Trump rallied thousands of supporters Tuesday that packed a convention center in Phoenix, flexing political muscle in a state where he has taken the unprecedented step of targeting a fellow Republican, Sen. Jeff Flake, for defeat in the midterm election next year.

The feud between Mr. Trump and Mr. Flake, one of the president’s most outspoken GOP critics, has helped make the U.S. Senate race in Arizona ground zero in the battle for control of the party. The GOP establishment and pro-Trump conservative forces are already facing off in the state’s Republican primary.

The president’s relationship with fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill, especially in the Senate, has strained to the breaking point as lawmakers repeatedly fumble Mr. Trump’s legislative agenda. The other senator from Arizona, frequent Trump critic John McCain, cast the decisive no vote that sunk the repeal of Obamacare last month and delivered the biggest legislative defeat yet for the president.

Earlier this summer Mr. Trump floated the possibility of spending $10 million to help unseat Mr. Flake, who has been one of the president’s top opponents within the Republican Party. The senator opposed Mr. Trump’s candidacy and has emerged as a leading GOP critic on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Trump’s allies applauded his planting a flag in Arizona.

“I do agree with Trump going to Arizona because, in a lot of ways, this is ground zero for the infighting within the Republican Party,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell. “The only question is whether the pro-Trump forces can coalesce around a suitable candidate who can essentially end Flake’s career.”

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