Today’s Contests Look Easy For Donald Trump, But May Battle Looms

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is expected to sweep all five GOP primaries today — including nearby Rhode Island and Connecticut — but faces perhaps his toughest test in the month of May with little margin for error in his battle to clinch the nomination on a first ballot.

“Based on the polling, tomorrow should be a big night for him,” said GOP operative Ford O’Connell. “It’s probably going to be the last great night he’ll have before we hit New Jersey and California (on June 7).”

Trump leads by double-digits in polls in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, which will award a combined 172 delegates today.

A critical showdown for Trump comes May 3 in the Indiana primary. It’s the biggest prize in May — 57 delegates — and a big test for the new Cruz-Kasich alliance that essentially lets the Texas senator go head-to-head against Trump in the Hoosier State. Kasich, in return, gets Cruz to back out of Oregon and New Mexico.

“If he (Trump) wins Indiana, he could break Cruz and Kasich’s back,” said O’Connell. “If Cruz wins Indiana, these guys are more likely to work the alliance until the end of the calendar.”

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