Trump Seeks Health Care Victory On Prescription Drugs

President Trump is searching for a health care victory ahead of the 2020 election, and has turned to executive action to try to achieve it. 

The administration is looking to fend off attacks from Democrats, who see the president as particularly vulnerable on health care.

Trump has long cast himself as “Big Pharma’s” main villain. He recently said drug prices will fall dramatically because of his actions.

GOP strategist Ford O'Connell said the administration officials are aware of the limitations, and are not trying to enact a sweeping policy change just ahead of the election. 

Instead, O'Connell said voters should view the effort as Trump signaling a second-term policy.

“This is not necessarily reaching for a health care victory right now,” O'Connell said. “I find he is less vulnerable if he is making the case that [if] you reelect me, I'm going to make drug prices lower.”

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