Trump's Closing Healthcare Pitch Leaves Republicans Wanting More

President Trump is taking aim at Senate Republican healthcare holdouts in the final hours before a key procedural vote, which has some inside the GOP saying Trump's aggressive move should have come sooner.

Trump didn't exactly spare the Democrats any criticism. "They run out. They say, ‘Death, death, death," he said in his Monday appearance with families who say they have been hurt by the healthcare law. "Well, Obamacare is death. That's the one that's death."

But it was clear that Republicans in the upper house of Congress were Trump's main target audience.

"For Senate Republicans, this is their chance to keep their promise," Trump said. "Over and over again, they said repeal and replace, repeal and replace. But they can now keep their promise to the American people."

Trump defined the stakes in stark terms.

"The Trump White House is throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the Senate Republicans to get this done," said Ford O'Connell, a Republican strategist. "Whether it is working or not is unclear, because we are talking about a couple of holdouts."

"The problem is the Senate holdouts [both moderates and conservatives] aren't seeing the larger picture and that is ‘something is better than nothing' and inaction is not an option given tax reform looming in the distance," said O'Connell. "Democrats won't take back the House or limit GOP Senate gains because of Trump's tweets or comments. Dems will make big electoral gains if congressional Republicans prove themselves inept at governing." 

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