Trump Ready To Take Victory Lap On Tax Reform

President Trump plans on celebrating the Republican tax bill's passage on Wednesday afternoon, when Congress could sweep away the argument that his administration will emerge from its first year without a substantive policy accomplishment.

It is unclear when exactly Trump will sign the tax cuts into law, but White House officials hope to cap off 2017 with a legislative victory this week that could overshadow the upheaval and controversy that marked much of their first year in power. The president’s allies have characterized tax reform as just the latest and largest campaign promise Trump has fulfilled in an effort to highlight the smaller achievements they say his administration has notched since Inauguration Day.

“For Trump, this is even bigger than it is for Republicans,” said Ford O’Connell, a GOP strategist. “For Trump, he’s delivering on a campaign promise ... But also it shows that he can govern with the Democrats throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at him.”

“At the end of the day, he was going against headwinds even within his own party,” O’Connell said.

Democrats, however, have claimed the bill primarily benefits wealthy Americans and corporations at the expense of lower-income families, who they say will suffer as a result of the future spending cuts they argue will be necessary to offset revenue loss.

O’Connell said the public’s overwhelmingly negative views toward the GOP tax plan could ultimately help it appear more successful.

“People have such low expectations of what’s in this bill that if it does half of what Republicans think ... then they may be able to hold onto the House,” O’Connell said.

Recent polls have suggested the Republican tax plan enjoys low support among voters, many of whom remain skeptical that the bill will benefit them. For example, a Morning Consult/Politico poll made public on Tuesday found fewer than half of voters support the plan, while a CNN poll made public Tuesday found 55 percent of voters oppose the plan.

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