Trump pressures GOP To Pass Healthcare Bill, But Experts Say It's Long Shot

U.S. President Donald Trump is turning the screws on Congress in a bid to pressure them into passing a healthcare bill before they recess in August. But experts said it's a long shot.

Trump earlier this month suffered a defeat when GOP lawmakers did not support his healthcare bill, causing the White House to scramble to find a solution. The president wants to repeal and replace the current system, known as Obamacare.

On Monday, Trump turned up the heat on GOP lawmakers, pressuring them to pass a healthcare bill.

"So far, Senate Republicans have not done their job in ending the Obamacare nightmare. They now have a chance however to hopefully -- hopefully -- fix what has been so badly broken for such a long time," Trump said in a speech on Monday.

Critics say Obamacare is often unaffordable for many Americans, punishes Americans with fines for not opting into this often expensive plan and props up insurance companies with taxpayer dollars.

Supporters say the plan has given millions of Americans access to health insurance who previously didn't have it.

Republican strategist Ford O'Connell told Xinhua that passing major healthcare legislation before the August recess would be a long shot.

O'Connell said many Republicans in Congress do not realize that they need to pass some sort of legislation on healthcare, and it needs to happen soon.

"You have to get something. You cannot campaign on something for seven years and not do something," he said, referring to yearslong GOP promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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