Trump Prepares For 'Beautiful' War With House Democrats

President Trump said Wednesday he's hoping for a "beautiful" relationship with the new Democratic-led House, but also said he's ready to go to war with them if he has to.

He might get to see both. At a 90-minute White House press briefing, Trump sounded optimistic and even enthusiastic about working with the new Democratic majority. He told reporters at a post-election news conference, “it really could be a beautiful, bipartisan type of situation.”

In his first two years in office, Trump has shown a willingness to work with Democrats to strike deals he supports. He predicted he would try again in areas such as trade, infrastructure spending, and lowering the price of prescription drugs.

“I really believe we’ll be able to do that,” Trump said Wednesday. “I think we are going to have a lot of reason to do that.”

He was also optimistic he could find a way forward on a middle-class tax cut, and political observers believe there's a possibility of bipartisanship next year that could help Trump improve his standing with voters.

But war clouds already seem to be gathering. Democrats mostly oppose Trump's efforts to deregulate, lower taxes, build a border wall, and repeal Obamacare. Those are the sorts of fights that could make it hard to conduct critical negotiations on spending with House Democrats and Senate Republicans.

"President Trump and the White House better staff up with a caravan of lawyers and be prepared for the legal tsunami the Democrats are about to unleash on his White House, because Pelosi's House Democrats are not interested in working with Trump on legislation,” Republican strategist Ford O’Connell told the Washington Examiner. “They want to settle scores. They will likely try to impeach Trump and launch so many investigations and issue so many subpoenas that the government will come to a grinding halt. The Democrats have no interest in putting America first, they only want to cripple Trump."

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