Trump Has The Momentum As Biden Looks Rattled

After a dismal June and July, President Trump found his campaign sea legs in mid-August. The political winds are now trending in Trump’s favor, and the polls are tightening to the president’s benefit in a handful of battleground states that will decide this election.

Don’t tell that to the Democrats and Biden campaign surrogates and those masquerading as political journalists who want to convince you that the race is over and has been for some time. Trump supporters and Republican-leaning voters shouldn’t fall for the doom-and-gloom poison being churned out by the national media daily. There are plenty of indicators that Trump can and will win in November.

Aside from the historical models and economic indicators that suggest a Trump Electoral College win is all but a slam-dunk, as outlined by Ned Ryun at American Greatness, there are fresh battleground-state polls that reinforce Trump’s momentum.

Due in part to the coronavirus unleashed on the world by China, Trump had been trailing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in many of the battleground states for a good chunk of the year. That is no longer the case in Florida, where the race is tied, according to NBC. The same goes for North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and even Pennsylvania, which all show Trump surging and the trend lines moving in his direction.

If you are someone who doesn’t put much stock in historical models or economic indicators, or you decide not to this year because we are in an unprecedented election environment, and you don’t give much credence to state surveys because of the 2016 polling fiasco, I would turn your attention to the recent actions of the Biden campaign because those are the most telling.

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