Trump Has A Math Problem That Voter Fraud Lawsuits Might Not Solve

"WE WILL WIN!" Trump tweeted Wednesday alongside a 30-second video. "Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation," the president said over images of cheering supporters.

Impossible may be too strong a word to use in 2020, but by most counts, it appears highly unlikely the president would be able to claw back enough Electoral College votes to deprive Biden of a victory. Biden currently has 290 electoral votes to Trump's 217 with Georgia and North Carolina still too close to call, according to The Associated Press.

The president and his team are working through legal channels and pursuing a three-pronged approach to overturn what they consider illegal ballots: recounts, audits and voter fraud lawsuits.

A recount may, in some states, lead to an audit, where a selection of ballots is sorted through manually and vetted for irregularities. An audit is what the Trump campaign is hoping will prove its voter fraud allegations. According to GOP strategist Ford O'Connell, the Trump campaign is aiming to get statewide audits to advance their claims of extensive irregularities.

"They can prove voter fraud. The question is, can they prove widespread voter fraud to the point a court weighs in?" O'Connell noted. "Right now, the odds are against the president but it's not impossible."

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