Trump Finds Republican Rallying Cry In Clinton Foundation Attacks

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has struggled to drive a consistent message and consolidate the support of his own party, is honing his attack on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and the foundation bearing her last name, making it a rallying cry for fellow Republicans to get behind his campaign.

Trump began this week hammering her for the Clinton Foundation, an organization created by her and her husband former President Bill Clinton, which uses private donations to fund aid programs in developing countries.

On Monday, he called for the foundation to be shut down. On Tuesday, he called for a special prosecutor to be named to investigate the foundation.

Trump has struggled to find an attack line that fellow Republicans could rally behind. His criticism of the parents of a dead Muslim American soldier who spoke at the Democratic National Convention drew strong rebukes from many in his own party. His attacks on Clinton's health have been dismissed as conspiracy theories. 

Clinton, who leads in nearly every national and swing state opinion poll, has largely avoided an onslaught of criticism about the foundation. Democratic rival U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders did not attack her on that front during the primary campaign.

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said the attacks are an early indicator of Bannon’s influence.

"This is a very fertile ground if he wants to dig himself out of this deep hole," O'Connell said of Trump.

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