Trump Feels Squeeze In Tax Return Fight

President Trump is being squeezed in the fight over his tax returns.

House Democrats are expected to initiate a court case in the near future to obtain the documents. And a series of recent developments may not bode well for Trump’s efforts to keep lawmakers from seeing his returns.

Democrats see several actions that took place last week as positive signs for their efforts.

Federal judges made rulings that sided with Democrats in two other cases where they issued subpoenas to obtain the president’s financial information.

Additionally, The Washington Post on Tuesday reported about a draft IRS memo written last fall finding that the Treasury secretary has no discretion when it comes to requests for tax returns made by the chairmen of Congress’s tax committees. That memo wasn’t finalized and doesn’t specifically mention Trump, but Democrats see it as confirming their interpretation of the law.

And New York state lawmakers on Wednesday passed legislation that would allow the chairmen of Congress’s tax committees to request the state tax returns of Trump and other federal, state and local officials.

Republicans say that they don’t think Democrats’ efforts to obtain Trump’s tax returns will hurt the president politically.

Republican strategists also say that voters care more about other issues than they do about Trump’s tax returns. And they said that Democrats' aggressive efforts to investigate Trump on his tax returns and other issues could end up backfiring.

“It’s clear that [Democrats are] going above and beyond oversight,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell. “They’re playing a political game to take Trump down.”

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