Trump Campaign Gains Complicated By Internal Struggles

Donald Trump's campaign is struggling to shake its internal problems despite attempts to increase and professionalize staff.

Even as the presumptive GOP nominee continues to add new staff in the wake of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s high-profile firing, one of those new hires fled the campaign just weeks after joining reportedly citing campaign dysfunction. 

That surprising departure underscores the issues the Trump campaign faces as he continues to risk being outgunned by presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has 10 times the staff than his operation. 

Firing Lewandowski, who had no previous campaign experience, and putting campaign veteran Paul Manafort in charge was meant to quell unrest within Trump's campaign and concerns from Trump's own family and the Republican Party.

Since the transition, there has been a steady diet of rapid-response emails, statements, fundraising emails and staff announcements from a Trump campaign that had previously avoided the daily press release.

And Ford O’Connell, who also worked on McCain’s campaign, said that Trump’s primary playbook won’t cut it in a general election.

“The primary is more of art and the general election is more of a science,” he said.

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