Trump Attack On Sessions May Point To His Departure

President Trump has offered his most scathing attack on his attorney general to date, a move that could undermine Jeff Sessions’s authority and accelerate his departure from the administration.

Trump delivered a forceful criticism of Sessions during an Oval Office interview with Hill.TV on Tuesday, saying that he doesn’t “have an attorney general.”

And while the president has attacked Sessions in the past, Republicans say these latest remarks solidify the belief that Sessions’s days in the top law enforcement job are numbered.

Sessions didn’t address the president’s comments as he made a trip to Illinois on Wednesday, delivering remarks at a conference and making a surprise visit to the Chicago Police Department. But Trump’s most recent attack hung over his presence and was noted by local media.

Republican strategists told The Hill that despite Trump’s recent fiery attacks, Sessions is likely safe until after the midterm elections. The firing of Sessions, or his resignation, would simply add to a sense of turmoil ahead of the midterms, something unlikely to help the GOP.

Some GOP strategists, however, say Trump has reason to be angry with Sessions.

“We know why he is pissed. It is about the Russia recusal and, thus far Trump makes a very good point from whether or not he should have actually recused himself or at least he should’ve told him, at a minimum, that he planned to do that,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said.

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