Trump And GOP Struggle To Define Kamala Harris As The Radical Running Mate

Kamala Harris has proven a trickier-than-expected target for Republicans trying to define the Democratic ticket ahead of November’s election, even as she and Joe Biden have recently seemed confused about which of them is leading the ticket.

The Californian Biden tapped as his running mate was once rated the most liberal senator— “She is even to the left of Socialist Bernie Sanders,” a Republican National Committee statement said last month — and Democratic primary voters quickly soured on her presidential campaign earlier this year. This would seem to be fertile ground for attack ads or opposition researchers.

“There is no question about it, Sen. Kamala Harris is the weaker link of the Biden-Harris ticket, and the Biden campaign recognizes it too,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. “It is why Harris has been used sparingly on the campaign trail outside of Democrat strongholds. She has not shown a disciplined willingness to stick to the script and sing from the same hymnbook as Biden.”

O’Connell acknowledged Trump’s case against Harris got lost in the summer headlines and that there might not be enough time to define her for battleground state voters now.

“Instead, the Trump campaign is going to drive home their primary strengths — the economy and law and order, and if they can weave Kamala into that equation they will, particularly her command and control economic views, her sympathy for rioters — including attempts to bail them out of jail — and her claim that the lawlessness is ‘not gonna stop after Election Day," he said. “When it comes to specifically defining Harris, the Trump campaign’s ace in the hole will be Mike Pence in the vice presidential debates, and his goal will be to highlight Biden’s incompetency for picking Harris in the first place.”

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