Trump, Allies Escalate Feud With FBI As Democrats Warn Against Robert Mueller Removal

President Trump and his allies escalated their war of words against the FBI this week, claiming bias among investigators looking into the Trump campaign as Democrats warned that such attacks could set the stage for the removal of special counsel Robert Mueller.

After days of going after the FBI, whose reputation he said was “in tatters,” Trump took aim at the bureau’s handling of two allegedly biased agents on Friday as he left the White House for an event at the FBI Academy.

His allies maintain that the FBI’s top brass is filled with anti-Trump animus.

Mueller removed a top investigator, Peter Stzrok, after discovering Stzrok had exchanged anti-Trump text messages with another FBI employee, Lisa Page, with whom he had a romantic relationship. Some of Stzrok’s texts to Page from last year expressed open support for Hillary Clinton, whose private email use was at the center of an investigation Stzrok was overseeing at the time.

The messages, along with donations from members of Mueller’s team to Democratic campaigns and some to Clinton directly, have raised questions about the special counsel’s pursuit of Trump.

Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist, said Trump’s efforts to highlight alleged corruption on Mueller’s team could be part of an insurance policy to protect the White House should any high-level aides face legal trouble in the investigation into alleged Russian collusion.

“This is a classic case of triangulation by President Trump and his allies to guard against the ultimate findings of Mueller's special counsel,” O’Connell said. “Trump knows that he can't fire Muller because if he does, pandemonium will be unleashed and the whole special counsel could blow up in his face.”

O’Connell said Trump believes he can win the argument against Mueller “in the court of public opinion”because his allegations against the FBI, that some agents investigating Clinton and the Trump campaign harbored partisan biases, are “based in part in truth.”

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