Trump Administration Races To Finalize Tariffs Amid Turnover And GOP Opposition

Trump administration officials are scrambling to finalize the president’s proposed steel and aluminum tariffs by the end of the week amid fierce opposition from congressional Republicans and frenzied negotiations with world leaders.

Republican lawmakers have lobbied President Trump to narrow the scope of his tariffs or choose a tactic that poses fewer economic risks after he announced his plan to tax all imported steel and aluminum, regardless of origin, in order to protect American manufacturing.

Trump has softened his tone on the tariffs this week in the face of withering opposition from U.S. allies and members of his own party. Other senior administration officials have worked to calm political and market unrest by walking back Trump’s threat to apply the tariffs universally, instead suggesting countries can negotiate their way to an exemption.

Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist, compared the evolution of Trump’s tariff proposal to the way his gun control ideas have fluctuated in meetings over the past month.

“I look at this a lot like gun negotiations with the GOP,” O’Connell said. “Trump is going to look for the sweet spot.”

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