Timing of Sean Spicer's Exit Allows Him To Go 'With The Least Egg On His Face'

He has been humiliated and mocked, and repeatedly frustrated and undercut by his own boss. But the hiring of a new White House communications director seems to have been the final straw for Sean Spicer, who announced on Friday he will abandon his post as Donald Trump's press secretary after a tumultuous six-month stint.

But Spicer's exit comes as no surprise for those who felt that his days in the Trump White House were numbered months ago.

According to news reports, Spicer quit in protest over the hiring of the new director of White House communications, New York financier Anthony Scaramucci, who Spicer believes lacks qualifications for the job.

With the hiring of a new communications director, a role that Spicer had assumed along with his press secretary duties, it's likely that Spicer saw "the writing on the wall," said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell.

As Trump's spinmeister, Spicer's credibility took a significant hit, say some observers. But Siegfried and O'Connell agree that In the months ahead, he will be in high demand. All three major cable news networks will likely offer him to become a contributor while publishers will pursue him to write a tell-all book.

It's unclear if Spicer's resignation is an indication of a major White House staff shakeup. But O'Connell said it is a signal to everyone in the White House staff that, whatever their role, if they are not part of the solution in helping to get legislation passed through, they could be next on the chopping block. 

"I think this is a lot bigger than Sean Spicer," O'Connell said. "It's just that I think that the president feels that the communication team was not carrying its weight in terms of what he wanted to see accomplished."

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