The Profile Of The Tea Party In Va

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College recently asked 601 Virginia residents for their thoughts on the Tea Party.  Here are the results:

One-third (33%) agreed with the movement, another third (32%) were opposed, and the final third (35%) did not have an opinion. Seventy-five percent of supporters call themselves conservative; only 18% are moderate, and 5% are liberal. Those who disagree with the Tea Party are 38% liberals, 48% moderates, and 14% conservatives. Most of the supporters are Republican (55%) with fewer describing themselves as Independent (33%) or Democrat (5%). Among those who do not support the Tea Party, 60% are Democrats, 29% Independents, and 5% are Republicans.  Tea Party supporters voted overwhelmingly for John McCain for President in 2008 (81%), and an even higher percentage (84%) voted for Bob McDonnell for Governor in 2009.

No surprise here.  Tea Partiers are conservative and vote Republican.

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