The Demise Of Democracy In California

A vital key to a successful democracy is an engaged citizenry. Unfortunately California voters appear to be preoccupied by items other than politics. This might help to explain why the Golden State is mired in significant debt.

A growing proportion of California voters is not paying much attention to politics and what’s happening in government as they are increasingly drawn to the Internet as their primary source of news, according to Field Poll results released today.

Seventy-four percent of voters said they follow politics “most” or “some” of the time – down from 84 percent who said the same thing three decades ago.

Meanwhile, one in four voters follows politics and government news “only now and then” or “hardly at all,” according to the poll. That’s up from 20 percent of voters who said the same thing in 1999 and 1995, and 16 percent in 1979.

The Field Poll surveyed 950 California voters by telephone June 3 to 13. The results have a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points.

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