The Americano: CivicForumPAC’s Analysis of Hispanic Dissatisfaction With Obama “Rings True”

The editors at The Americano highlighted CivicForumPAC’s analysis of the growing rift between President Obama and Hispanic voters.  In the context of their own tracking of this topic in Hispanic media, they agree that CivicForumPAC’s arguments are sound:

Yet [CivicForumPAC is] not alone in raising the possibility. Hispanic media constantly says that there is a wide divergence between the immigration policies that President Barack Obama preaches and that which his administration enforces. The first is humane and caring. It promises amnesty and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The truth is raw. They say that they are mainly targeting criminals in order to deport them. Reality shows that they have deported more undocumented immigrants – both criminal and non-criminals – than any other administration.

One such story was published by Pilar Marrero of impreMedia. The columnist for La Opinión of Los Angeles reported that Latino voters were “dissatisfied with political parties” and despite majority approval ratings, Latino support for Obama is tepid heading into 2012. Despite a 73% approval rating, only 41% of Latino registered voters say they are certain to vote for Obama in 2012. This 32 point gap could spell trouble down the road.

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