Team Romney Won't Rein In GOP Nominee During Third Debate

Mitt Romney's campaign indicated Wednesday it has no plans to rein in the GOP nominee during the third and final presidential debate.

Romney's aggressive performance Tuesday night — directly challenging President Obama and quarreling with moderator Candy Crowley — had Democrats and even some Republicans arguing he came across as too assertive, which could turn off undecided voters.

But Team Romney claims their candidate won the night with his argument on core economic issues, which are the leading concern among voters. And Republican strategists say that Romney has more leeway to adopt the role of the antagonist because it's Obama who is so heavily reliant on personal favorability to buoy his poll numbers.

These Republicans go on to suggest that Obama's aggressive posturing — necessitated by a largely listless performance in the first debate — could undermine some of his crucial likability advantage among undecided and swing voters.

“His being that assertive obviously fired up his base, but we just don’t know how it played with independent, persuadable voters,” Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said. “We know that when it came to substantive issues like the economy and deficits, Romney came out ahead.”

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