Talk Of The Town: Aaron Schock's 'Downton' Office

TALK OF THE TOWN: AARON SCHOCK'S 'DOWNTON' OFFICE. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) talked to ABC News about criticism over his office decor. He quoted Taylor Swift's annoying pop-song "Shake It Off," saying: "Haters gonna hate." Judy Kurtz for The Hill: But Schock's bad day was about to get worse.

-- SCHOCK STAFFER RESIGNS, Scott Wong for The Hill: "[Schock's senior adviser Benjamin Cole] has resigned after he made a number of racially charged comments on his Facebook page."

-- GOP strategist Ford O'Connell tells OVERNIGHT on Shock's bad week: The wall color is a nothing burger that the media is trying to ride the coattails of to push copy. Voters like personality and passion and Aaron Schock has both. As long as the congressman continues to diligently represent his constituents back home he is fine. 

On the resignation: "It was wise for Rep. Schock to accept the aide's resignation because that was a messy situation that if not attended to immediately could have hurt the congressman's standing back home."

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