Tables Turned On Health Care: Now Democrats Have No Clear Plan

For six years, Democrats taunted Republicans for holding dozens of votes to repeal Obamacare without rallying around a legislative alternative, while Republicans saw little need to craft and vote on a plan that President Obama would kill with his veto pen.

Yet now it’s Democrats who enter the debate without a clear plan, left to defend a law that has fallen far short of its goals and was shedding insurers and failing to win over customers even before President Trump took office.

Though they say they will help solve the problems plaguing the law, Democrats have yet to settle on an alternative to the Republicans’ repeal. Some say there is no need to bother right now, while others said it would be nice to try.

Still, some Republicans say Democrats aren’t serious about reforming the private insurance market, but rather expanding the federal role in health care.

“Their plan is socialized medicine for all,” Republican Party strategist Ford O’Connell said. “They have no incentive whatsoever to do anything. When the individual market tanks, they’ll say the Republicans were in control.”

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