Susana Martinez: A Game Equalizer As VP?

Regardless of what she says, if Martinez returns a solid vetting report - Team Romney would be just short of naive to overlook her as a vice presidential pick. Forget game changer, and start thinking "game equalizer." Andrew Romano at Newsweek has more:

Consider Romney’s vulnerabilities. He trails Barack Obama by as many as 56 percentage points among Latinos. Women prefer the president by roughly 20 points. Conservatives still distrust him, and populists in both parties suspect that he’s a vulture capitalist who likes to fire people. New Mexico’s Martinez, the first Latina governor in U.S. history, would solve each of these problems, or help as much as any running mate conceivably could. Within minutes of meeting me in Santa Fe one morning last month, she is speaking fluent Spanish, reminiscing about the .357 magnum she acquired at age 18, and describing her family’s mom-and-pop security business back in El Paso.

The question now is whether Romney, who pledged in January to consider Martinez for his cabinet and “some other positions as well,” will be wise enough to keep his promise—and whether, if offered, Martinez will be ambitious enough to accept.

To thrive in the years ahead, Republicans must do a better job of appealing to three kinds of people: women, Latinos, Westerners. Simply put, the GOP needs to become less of a Mitt Romney party and more of a Susana Martinez party.

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